OTA Platform

Prodo Telecom´s OTA platform permits Operators not just to administer their SIM cards remotely and effectively managing preferred roaming agreements, but also to maximize revenue by providing subscribers with the latest SIM services and applications.

Technically speaking, once the SIM card leaves the operator’s premises, the carrier loses control of these. However, with Prodo’s OTA platform, the Operator regains total control of their SIMs by permitting the configuration of the subscriber’s cards and offering subscribers the latest services.

Prodo Telecom's OTA platform is a fully SIM independent OTA system and can update the widest range of SIM cards in the market. The system's database includes cards and profiles from around 20 different SIM vendors, including all the big card manufactures as well as a large array of smaller vendors. Most importantly, the platform can work with both standard SIM (SIM, USIM, iSIM) cards as well as most non-standard (proprietary) cards.

Prodo Telecom's platform is further enhanced with a series of modules that cover the needs of Operators independent of their Geographical region. Popular modules such as OTA based Roaming steering, OTA Upon Activation for cards entering the market, or Remote Applet Management have been successfully implemented in various networks.

Classical SMS based OTA services are now giving away to more complex Over the Air products. Prodo Telecom has and is constantly developing new services which fit into cutting edge technologies such as Near Field Communications, Machine to Machine (M2M) and adapting these to the new wave of LTE based networks.

Overall, Prodos’s SIM OTA Platform is a solid and secure Over The Air platform built on around 12 years of experience in the mobile services arena.