NFC Solution

Near Field Communication or simply NFC is a short-range communication technology, that is bound to change our mobile (Cellular) habits by letting us use the handset as a secure, yet efficient way to make payments, use transport systems, ticketing, loyalty programs, direct marketing and a long list of additional services.


After many years of hype and development, it is now clear that NFC is here to stay. Leading manufacturers of mobile / smartphones are already beginning to incorporate this technology. Other players in this technology are also gearing-up for mass deployment. From SIM vendors, to financial and transport institutions, payment and loyalty terminal companies, all have moved from limited demos to initial implementation phases.


Prodo's OTA Platform has the potential of becoming an important part of this process.

With its proven interoperability track record, the Operator will be in a excellent position to acquire a key part of the NFC ecosystem without locking themselves iinto one single provider. Built in a flexible modular structure, the platform caters not only for a large range of SIM cards from different manufacturers, but can also securely connect with different TSM (Trusted Service Manager) suppliers and other Service Providers. The OTA platform will be key to the development and lifecycle management of NFC applications.



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