OTA on Demand

Add on module to the Prodo OTA platform that works great for the introduction of new services on the SIM card to the end subscriber (example, stk update, airtime transfers services, mcommerce or any other service or update). This application is a truly an On-Demand-Service as the subscriber gets the update she or he wants quickly upon their request.

OTA on demand works when a subscriber sends an SMS to a predetermined short-code (made available through traditionalmarketing or sms marketing campaigns) with a keyword (I.e. Keyword SPN to change Service Provider Name). The OTA application will proceed to update that subscribers SIM card with the requested change. OTA on demand makes the introduction of new services quickly, cost efficiently and with the minimun involvement of the subscriber and operator staff.

OTA on Demand works with all SIM cards in the market independent of manufacturer or SIM type.



Customer Care

Operators are continuously faced with subscribers that do not have their SIM cards updated. There are various uncontrollable factors for this: SIM cards that have been in storage, users that where missed by an OTA update of their cards due to coverage, database not updated, mobile was switched off, etc.


Prodo has developed an incident resolving application specifically targeted for Customer Care Services. The Customer Care Assistant enables operators to provide the end subscriber with the latest in their SIM card.


The Prodo CCA application is a complete mobile phone messaging solution designed for operators who want to keep their subscribers updated and satisfied

Main advantages of this solution are:

  •     Keep customers satisfaction by offering them all solutions available.
  •     Update an user immediately via OTA without having to preform new campaigns.
  •     No OTA knowledge needed, works with all SIM cards in the market.