OT completes acquisition of Prodo Telecom specialized in Over-The-Air platforms to strengthen its offer for Mobile Operators

Oberthur Technologies (OT), a world leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space announced that it has completed its acquisition of Prodo Telecom.

Prodo Telecom is one of the few companies exclusively specialized in Over-The-Air (OTA) platforms. OTA platforms allow mobile operators to update SIM and embedded cards during their life cycle, relying on short messages and data connections, minimizing card replacement costs, optimizing their roaming services and providing new value-added services to their customers. Since its creation in 2001, Prodo Telecom has become a recognized independent technology leader thanks to their solid experience in OTA technologies and their next-generation, modular and light-weight product. Present worldwide, most of Prodo Telecom’s client base are established mobile network operators (MNO) ranging from small-sized to tier-1 groups.
OT is anticipating a growing demand in OTA platforms due to the explosion of the Internet of Things and the large number of 4G migrations MNOs will have to conduct within the next few years. With already more than 50 Prodo’s references worldwide, this acquisition will increase even further OT’s position on the OTA market and allow us to meet customers’ expectations for robust, easy to deploy and to maintain solutions.
“The environment of our customers is changing constantly, driven by major trends in the Telecom market. Through Prodo Telecom’s acquisition, OT is pursuing its strategy of acquiring companies completing our portfolio of end-to-end solutions and enhancing our global footprint. OT’s ambition is to strongly support mobile operators in their strategy by proposing the best products and solutions meeting their future needs”, said Marek Juda, Managing Director of the Solutions Business Unit at OT.

OT is a world leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space. OT has always been at the heart of mobility, from the first smart cards to the latest contactless payment technologies which equip millions of smartphones. Present in the Payment, Telecommunications and Identity markets, OT offers end-to-end solutions in the Smart Transactions, Mobile Financial Services, Machine-to-Machine, Digital Identity and Transport & Access Control fields. OT employs over 6 000 employees worldwide, including close to 700 R&D people. With more than 50 sales offices across 5 continents and 1 manufacturing hub by region, OT’s international network serves clients in 140 countries. For more information: www.oberthur.com

LTE Roaming

Prodo Telecom is upgrading its OTA Platform installed in an Operator in Japan with enhanced LTE based steering.  With now over 100 different LTE Network launches around the globe, it is essential that Operators are able to better direct roamers efficiently and seamless to the partner networks.  Including Japan, Prodo is working with half a dozen Operator’s who are interested in upgrading their OTA capabilities for LTE activity.

IMSI Change

Prodo Telecom is currently working on a project to change the IMSI (SIM) range of a mobile Operator’s entire subscriber base. In the past Prodo has had extensive experience with updating IMSIs for specific projects- these included dynamic IMSI allocation for new subscribers, updating different IMSI subscriber segments for MNOs or updating the Mobile Country Code (MCC). Nevertheless, this is the first time that we have been asked to update the entire subscriber base.

The IMSI update petition comes as a consequence of a merger between two Mobile Carriers. With the change of IMSI, the Operator is hoping to streamline their organisation, reduce internal roaming costs and issues as well as better manage their SIM cards.

OTA Roaming

After completing four new installations of the Prodo OTA Platform to be used for Roaming optimisation in Central America and the Caribbean market, Prodo Telecom has been awarded yet another OTA roaming integration in South America.

“We are glad to see strong growth in the LATAM market during this last year. It is extremely satisfying to see how we have enhanced roaming steering effectiveness in all the markets we have deployed, and the LATAM market is no exception. All in all, OTA roaming in combination with SS7 steering closes the circle for the full roaming experience, providing not only better subscriber experience but also improved roaming targets” said Mikkel Escartin Svendsen, Director of Operations at Prodo Telecom.

This new OTA roaming steering solution is expected to be fully Operational by the end of Q2 2015.


Prodo Telecom is launching OTA related services (different OTA related projects) in two of the three mobile Operators in Tunisia. This marks yet another country where Prodo acquires over 50% of the country’s OTA Market share. January 2015


Mass FPLMN campaigns have been launched during the month of December to update an Operator’s entire network with a new Forbidden network list.

New OTA deployment in S.E. Europe

Prodo has started the installation of an OTA Platform and connection to a TSM for NFC related services for an Operator in the Balkans.  The OTA platform will be used for the update and administration of a SIM cards lifecycle, as well as for dynamic OTA roaming updates.  In regards to the TSM set-up for NFC capabilities, this will be the third Trusted Service Manager provider for which Prodo Telecom has worked with in the past.

Rebranding campaigns

Prodo Telecom executed two rebranding campaigns for two Virtual Operators (MNVOs) in the Kingdom of Denmark. The campaigns where executed over a week time span. The Service Provider Name (SPN) of the two companies was replaced with a new network name after these had been acquired by two new companies. All phones, including iphones where targeted through Prodo's Over the Air Platform installed in our European premises. Campaigns where successful and reached over a 90% success rate.