Eurovip is continuing the Over The Air (OTA) deployment of Mcommerce services embedded in the SIM card.  OTA updates so far have targeted different SIM vendors with different SIM OS and STK technologies.  Even though payloads have been heavy (at times over 60 SMSes to update one card) success rates have been in the 75-90% range.  Around 15 million live cards have by now been updated 06/10.

Hispania Eurovip and an important mobile operator present in the Middle East and Africa have partnered in the implementation of Mobile commerce and banking services on its existing customer base. The introduction of these services on current subscribers will be implemented through OTA (Over The Air) updates that will upgrade the subscribers menu with all Mcommerce functions, including the ability of sending money through the mobile phone, checking balances, pay bills etc. 


In addition to Mcommerce campaigns, Eurovip has also introduced a new OTA concept- OTA on Demand services. As the name implies, any subscriber who wants to update their SIM card with mobile banking just needs to send a keyword and their SIM card will start updating instantly. Most of these updates can be requested in various languages, all depending on the end subscriber's preferences. 

So far, Eurovip has already upgraded the Operator’s cards with Mcommerce services for millions of subscribers in different countries including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Niger, among others. The intention is to roll out most services by years end. 

The Operator has chosen to include Zap Mcommerce in its heavily used SIM card's (STK) menu. Several options to offer Mcommerce were considered, however the inclusion of the service in the STK menu was deemed the best of options. Having the mobile commerce service in the SIM menu means that the service can be used by all subscribers independent of phone model used. Even more importantly, the embedded service is less prone to be tampered with, as it uses a barrage of different security levels. 

According to Mikkel Escartin, Director at Hispania Eurovip, deploying Mcommerce by OTA in the SIM menu also makes strong commercial sense. Advantages include extending the SIM card's life cycle and speeds the time to market process. Furthermore, having Mobile banking present in the STK can help the operator reduce marketing costs. No short code numbers or keywords have to be remembered, plus it is directly key positioned beside widely used services, therefore prompting quick adaptation. 

The OTA update has targeted different SIM vendors with different SIM OS and STK technologies. Even though payloads have been heavy (at times over 60 SMSes to update one card) success rates have been in the 75-90% range. Around 15 million cards have by now been updated and it is programmed that campaigns will be on going in both African and Middle East operations during the rest of 2010. 

About Eurovip: Hispania Eurovip has developed, manufactured, and supported mobile / cellular solutions that have helped operators achieve their business and financial goals. 

With a solid experience in OTA technologies, Eurovip has become a recognized independent technology leader. In 1998, Eurovip launched its first OTA platform. Today, Eurovip solutions and products have been implemented in over 30 different countries throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East, the Americas, Africa and Oceania. 

With HQ representatives in Stockholm, Sweden, Hispania Eurovip has its GSM and development offices in Malaga, Spain, fixed line and mobile content offices in Thailand and representative offices in Nairobi, Kenya. 

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