200'000'000 Cards Updated

During the last quarter, Prodo Telecom reached the 200'000'000 SIM cards updated through our OTA Platforms deployed in different parts of the Globe.
Updates have varied greatly in type and size, but always keeping a common dominator, an excellent success rate.
During this time example of files and services changed or added include:
- Change of Operator name/ Logo of Subscriber's display
- Modifying the SIM's IMSI parameters
- Updating SMSC numbers
- Changing roaming files such as PLMN and FPLMN both through static campaigns or through dynamic steering
- Other RFM (Remote File Management) commands such as ADN
- Saving the subscriber's SIM Phonebook in a centralised server
- Correcting factory level flaws in SIM cards and removing un-used services
- Updating STK (SIM Tool Kit) menus and Dynamic STK (DSTK)
- Installing Applets such as Mcommerce, Mbanking, Money transfers, IMEI tracking,

Most of the cards (SIM & (U)SIM) have been updated through binary SMSes, though the platform is adapted to update through other protocols such as BIP or TCP-IP.

Over the last year Prodo Telcom has placed great emphasis in embracing new technologies that will revolutionise the new GSM LTE market.

For more information on Prodo Telecom's OTA Modules, please click here.