Recap on 2012


Far from ending, the year 2012 has brought us good performance through all our markets. We have seen an increased demand in our services as well as continuing progress in the development of our product portfolio line.

Following is a recap of just some of the moments for which we’re particularly proud of:

Existing subscriber base: During 2012 we have continued to serve our customers with a portfolio of different services. Throughout the year we have helped Operators effectively manage their SIM base plus providing them with new innovative services. In all, we have retained 100% of our current customer base.

Growth: Either by natural growth or through key partnerships, 2012 will be marked for diversification into new Operations. We have increased our customer footprint and have signed new Operators in Europe, Asia and Africa.

New Solutions: At Prodo we strive in enhancement of current product ranges as well as to churn out new products continuously. 2012, has been a particularly busy and successful in regards to product innovation. Distinctive importance has been placed in SIM / Platform related services and the addition of new SIM transport codes to these.

Roaming: We have seen a steady increase of interest in OTA based steering for roaming purposes. It is becoming clearer that by OTA alone or especially through the mixing of SS7+OTA based steering techniques, not only can better steering results be achieved, but also subscriber roaming experience can be significantly improved. At Prodo we have welcomed this renewed market interest and have placed a lot of efforts in the further development of our roaming based solutions. Our products have so far immediately maximized roaming efficiency rates by 5-10% in the new Operators were we have deployed. In a particular country case in Scandinavia, we already in charge of close to 60% of all OTA based roaming steering.

2013: In 2013 we look forward to continue offering the highest levels of service to our customer base. As a first step, we are unifying our Spanish subsidiary under the Prodo Telecom name with the idea of creating a single global image. 2013 will also be seeing how we come out with a new Platform version. The V.8X will be going out live in the first quarters of the year. Finally, in 2013 we will place special emphasis in various areas, expressively in the M2M, NFC and Mcommerce areas.