Hispania Eurovip spreads its wings into Africa and Middle East

Hispania Eurovip a Prodo Telecom group company set up base in Nairobi Kenya to strategically grow its market share in Africa and Middle East region. 

OTA Upon Activation

The Automatic OTA Upon Activation module from Prodo-Eurovip has become a large success. Since its launch ...

High OTA Speeds

Prodo-Eurovip has updated over 1.2 million subscribers in a 24 hour period.  The updates of PLMN roaming lists ...

2010: 80'000'000 SIM updated

Prodo-Eurovip has successfully closed 2010 with around 80 million cards updated in four continents. Updates have ranged from ...

Mobile Commerce

After two successive years of updating cards with Mobile Commerce functionalities, Prodo-Eurovip is again contracted to restructure the SIM STK menu ...


Eurovip is continuing the Over The Air (OTA) deployment of Mcommerce services embedded in the SIM card.  OTA updates so far have targeted different SIM vendors with different SIM OS and STK technologies.  Even though payloads have been heavy (at times over 60 SMSes to update one card) success rates have been in the 75-90% range.  Around 15 million live cards have by now been updated 06/10. 


After successful work on the NFC module (Near Field Communications) in it's OTA platform, Eurovip has entered into partnership with two important European NFC and TSM specialists.  Through this partnership, Eurovip is positioning itself as a fully independent NFC solution provider, giving operators the possibility to update and add new NFC services remotely once cards have been issued.

OTA on Demand

Eurovip installs its 12th OTA on Demand module.   Through the OTA on Demand module, any subscriber can update their SIM card with the wished service by just sending a keyword to the operator.  Past OTA on Demand modules have been installed in Russia, Africa and Asia. 02/2010