Testing/ Validation of SIM cards

Eurovip has been requested to test the correct interpretation of 03.48, 11.11, 11.14, 23.048 and SIM Alliance specifications in addition to ensure that future  services can be successfully integrated.  The validation process has been on SIM cards manufactured by smart card vendors located in Europe, Middle East and China. 12/2009

Orange OTA Campaign

Hispania Eurovip takes part in the rebranding by OTA campaign for European operator.  New SPN is changed to Orange. 2009

Customized SIM STK

Hispania Eurovip sets a footprint in Oceania by supplying a new operator with an OTA platform that enables STK (SIM Tool  Kit) menu customisation by both operator and/ or end subscriber. 2009.



Hispania Eurovip launches a major OTA campaign to update subscriber SIM card menu’s with Mcommerce functionality for Key Kenyan Operator. 02/09

OTA campaigns

Eurovip executes possibly one of the largest, if not most complex organisational OTA campaigns ever made. SIM re-branding of the Service Provider Name (SPN) was executed simultaneously in 14 different countries ...

Training Sessions

Eurovip organizes training sessions on Over The Air (OTA) functionalities to customers from over 18 different nationalities. Training covered subjects from SIM campaign management, ...

OTA platform

Hispania Eurovip deploys a full OTA platform to one of Africa’s largest operators with over 15 million subscribers. The fully redundant 4 server solution has extended platform functionalities ...

Phonebook Back-up

Eurovip presents a new version of its phonebook back-up. A dynamic applet with a small footprint as well as a web interface with expanded functionalities will enable operators to increase customer loyalty ...