Luxembourg OTA campaign

Hispania Eurovip launches an OTA campaign to update SIM cards with PLMN (preferred roaming) and FPLMN (forbidden Roaming lists) in the European country of Luxembourg. ...


Eurovip’s OTA platform services plays a key role to rebrand the operators name (SPN) in the Middle Eastern Kingdom of Jordan 2007

OTA Services

Major Dutch operator signs agreement with Eurovip to provide Over the Air (OTA) services. 2007

M2M OTA Platform

Eurovip’s OTA Platform M2M (machine 2 machine) service is renewed in Denmark. The OTA platform is used by a utilities company for better management of their Machine 2 Machine structure, ...

Unitel OTA platform

Eurovip deploys its OTA platform to the Asian operator Unitel 2007

STK updates

Eurovip carries out SIM Tool Kit (STK) menu updates in several countries for one of the Worlds largest SIM manufactures. 2007

Hispania Eurovip

Our company changes name to HISPANIA EUROVIP after acquisition by a Swedish Public company. 12/06

OTA updates

Eurovip-CISL executes OTA update in several countries for large European operator present in Asia, Africa and Latin America. 2006