Roaming revenues represent a large and important part of business for most operators.

Nevertheless, when traveling abroad, subscriber handsets often attach to non-preferred operators. Significant revenue generated from roaming calls can be lost this way.  Furthermore, this can lead to subscriber dissatisfaction, as in occasions subscribers will be connecting to the competitions network abroad.

Prodo provides three main roaming solutions:

Through Prodo’s SIM and OTA based roaming solutions, mobile / cellular Operators will have a larger control over their subscribers roaming patterns.  The main advantages of the roaming solutions offered are:
  • Increases ARPU & customer satisfaction.
  • Quick return of investment. Start maximizing revenues from roaming immediately.
  • Perfect tool to negotiate new roaming agreements with other operators.

PLMN/ FPLMN Management

The PLMN (Public Land Mobile Network) & FPLMN SIM files are used to determine to what networks a mobile subscriber connects to.  If a (U)SIM card has been in the market for a couple of years, it is probable that the subscriber’s preferred PLMN list is already outdated, as these files where added at factory level during personalisation and do not represent current roaming agreements.  Through Prodo’s OTA Platform, these files can be updated in a quick and easy manner, therefore helping the operator steer roaming traffic to the partner networks.    

Intelligent Roaming

Intelligent Roaming Application is a complete packaged solution that allows both OTA and Roaming Managers to easily deploy and manage efficient roaming connectivity through OTA updates of the SIM card (PLMN file).

The application is composed by a SIM-based smart roaming application for JavaCards that automatically detects when a subscriber is roaming in another country and a Web Application that manages preferred PLMN network preferences for every country.
This combined solution will enable Operators to provide real-time SIM updates (PLMN), ensuring greater effectiveness in traffic redirection with no impact for the Subscriber.

Intelligent Roaming Integration

Most Operators already have a “Network (Signalling)” roaming solution in place. Complementary to this, Prodo offers the operator the possibility to integrate the SIM roaming solution to their existing network solution.  SIM oriented roaming solutions provide a more exact tool for roaming steering, therefore cutting down unwanted roaming on to non-preferred partners.


Clear advantages of an integrated SS7/ OTA roaming solution are:

  • Takes the best of both technologies
  • Compatible with all handsets including blackberry and recent smart phones
  • Seamless user experience
  • Resistant to most anti-steering mechanisms
  • Possible to manage roaming distribution
  • Reduction of signalling costs.